Carol Dworzecki recall, Akron, Michigan (2013)

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An effort to recall Carol Dworzecki from her position as Village Trustee of Akron, Michigan, was launched in June 2013.[1] The recall petition was filed by Alvin Vollmar.[1] The language for the petition was approved, however the recall effort did not go to a vote. Dworzecki was reelected as Village Trustee and beat out Alvin Vollmar for the position 68 to 32 percent.[2][3]

Petition language

The petition language, which stated the reason for the recall, read:

Attempted fraud by seeking to be paid for attending committee meetings, but not being a member of those committees.[1][4]

The Tuscola County Election Commission approved that language. During the Commission's meeting where the petition language was approved, Dworzecki objected to the language. She stated, "I've documentation on all the committees paid for. I don’t understand why it’s here." The Commission noted that it believed its responsibility, new to 2013, was to ensure that the language of the facts presented as the reason for recall were understandable, not whether the facts were accurate.[1]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in Michigan

Recall supporters needed to gather 36 signatures within 90 days to trigger an election. The petition itself was valid for 180 days.[1]

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