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[http://www.ilga.gov/senate/SenCommittees.asp?MemberID=1299 Carole Pankau serves on the following committees:]
[http://www.ilga.gov/senate/SenCommittees.asp?MemberID=1299 Carole Pankau serves on the following committees:]
*Appropriations III
* [[Appropriations II Committee, Illinois Senate|Appropriations II]]
*Environment and Energy
* [[Deficit Reduction Committee, Illinois Senate|Deficit Reduction]]
* [[Energy Committee, Illinois Senate|Energy]]
*Public Health
* [[Environment Committee, Illinois Senate|Environment]]
* [[Executive Committee, Illinois Senate|Executive]]
* [[Labor Committee, Illinois Senate|Labor]]
* [[Public Health Committee, Illinois Senate|Public Health]]
==2006 State Comptroller Campaign==
==2006 State Comptroller Campaign==

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Carole Pankau (born August 13, 1947) currently serves as the Illinois State Senator for the 23rd District, and is a member of the Republican Party.


Carole earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with Honors from the University of Illinois.

Pankau served on the DuPage County Board for eight years and the Keeneyville School District 20 Board member for eight years before being elected to the Illinois State House of Representatives in 1993. She was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 2004.[1]

She resides in Roselle, Illinois with her husband, Anthony. They have four grown children.[2]


Carole Pankau serves on the following committees:

2006 State Comptroller Campaign

In 2006, Carole Pankau challenged Democrat incumbent state Comptroller Dan Hynes, losing 31% to Hynes' 64%.

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