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At the top of the main Ballotpedia Categories page is a list of ballot measure categories by year, conveniently listed chronologically due to the numerical/alphabetical order by which that page is automatically sorted. Within each of those categories is a link to an article of the same name (e.g., the category 2006 ballot measures provides a link to the article 2006 ballot measures. These two pages may seem similar; however, they are separate and distinct, and each serves a unique function. The idea is that the category page for ballot measures from a given year will simply provide a list of all ballot measures, in each state, from that year. The corresponding article will provide additional information, connecting the information into a narrative summary of what happened during the initiative season around the country that year.

Prior to the creation of this category, the easiest way to access several of these articles in quick succession was to enter the category for a particular year, and then follow the link into the article for that year. If you then wished to look at the article for another year, you would have to return to the main Categories page, enter the category for another year, and then enter the article for that other year. The purpose of this page is to eliminate that middle step, so as to reduce the number of links you have to follow if you wish to view the articles on ballot measures by year.

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