Central Jackson County Sales Tax Proposal (2009)

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The Central Jackson County Sales Tax Proposal was a ballot measure that was going to appear on the July 28 ballot in [[Jackson County, Missouri ballot measures|Jackson County].

If voters had approved of the measure, a half-cent sales tax would have been imposed on the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District, which would produce an estimated $2 million in revenue.[1]

District Manager Monte Olsen was backing a measure that would not only impose a sales tax on the area, but at the same time would reduce property taxes for local residents. According to Olsen, a majority of the revenue generated by the sales tax would come from commuters riding through the district everyday. The Fire Protection District is home to an estimated 700 people.

A sales tax was going to be imposed because the district wants to make improvements on the service provided to area residents. Officials plan to install more fire hydrants in areas where they are needed. According to Olsen: “This would allow taxpayers to see an increase in a level of service along with a decrease in their property taxes. That is a pretty good win for the voters.”[2]