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Changes in 2014 to laws governing ballot measures

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This page lists changes and proposed changes in 2014 to laws governing the initiative and referendum process. Given the complexity of the initiative process, these laws can address a wide range of initiative-related law, including:
  • The legal right of citizens to initiate statutes, amendments, or veto referendums.
  • Signature and distribution requirements for placing measures on the ballot.
  • Regulations governing signature collection and petition circulators.
  • Campaign finance requirements for initiative, referendum, and recall campaigns.
  • Administrative rules, involving filing deadlines, fiscal analyses, petition forms, etc...
Simple icon time.svg = This legislation is still pending.
Right-facing-Arrow-icon.jpg = This legislation was carried over to the next session.
Approveda = This legislation was approved.
Defeatedd = This legislation was defeated.

Laws in 2014

There are no changes to report on for ballot laws in 2014.

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