Charles Darwin earns 4,000 votes as write-in in Georgia

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November 12, 2012


By Joel Williams

Atlanta, Georgia: Charles Darwin, best know as the "Father of Evolution" for his book On the Origin of Species, received 4,000 write-in votes for Georgia's 10th Congressional seat. Republican incumbent Paul C. Broun won the election with 209,000 votes, with the votes for Darwin being symbolic after the Congressman blasted evolution and other scientific theories as “lies straight from the pit of hell.” Ultimately, the 4,000 votes will not be officially counted because Darwin was never certified as a write-in candidate with the Department of Elections.[1]

The man spearheading the vote for the naturalist who died in 1882 was Jim Leebens-Mack, Professor of Plant Biology at the University of Georgia. Excluding Darwin's write-in candidacy, Broun was unopposed in the general election on November 6, extending his tenure in the United States Congress for another two years.

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