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Chesapeake, Virginia

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Chesapeake is an independent city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is considered a county-equivalent. Chesapeake's population is 222,209.[1]

Public employees

Elected officials

Chesapeake's council members are elected at-large for four-year terms. Elections are held in May every two years.[2]

2011 City Council[2]
Name Position Term Expires
Alan P. Krasnoff Mayor 2012
John de Triquet Vice Mayor 2014
Lonnie E. Craig 2014
C.E. "Cliff" Hayes Jr. 2012
Suzy H. Kelly 2014
Scott W. Matheson 2014
S.Z. "Debbie" Ritter 2012
Dr. Ella Ward 2014
Rick W. West 2012

City manager

Chesapeake's city manager is William Harrell.[3]


2012 Budget Revenues[4]
Source Revenues
Property taxes $293,841,460
Other local taxes $120,696,370
Permits & fees $2,193,370
Fines & forfeitures $2,862,750
Use of money & property $5,287,139
Charges for services $102,345,135
Miscellaneous $5,581,559
Recoveries & rebates $1,479,320
State noncategorical assistance $28,576,111
State assistance-shared costs $12,251,007
State categorical assistance $266,946,632
Federal assistance $63,112,224
Use of locked revenues $17,784,949
Use of FY09-10 surplus $9,046,689
Use of fund balance $19,342,301
Total Resources $951,346,796
2012 Budget Expenditures[4]
Category Expenditures
City Governance and Management $30,612,050
Quality Community of Life $79,845,257
Economic & Environmental Vitality $147,685,882
Chesapeake Public Schools $441,665,263
Public Safety and Justice $130,855,762
Other Expenditures $76,122,250
Other Requirements $44,551,333
Total Budget Requirements 951,346,796


Most personal and business property is taxed at $4.08 per $100 of assessed value.[5]

Real estate taxes are $1.05 per $100 of assessed value for property in mosquito-controlled areas and $1.04 for properties in non-mosquito-controlled areas.[6]


The City of Chesapeake has received nearly $1 billion from the Community Development Block Grant of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The city also received $507,406 under the ARRA's Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.[7]

Website evaluation

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Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
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Public Records N
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Local Taxes

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The good

  • City council members are listed with term expirations and contact information.[2]
  • Meeting agendas and minutes are posted.[8]
  • The city outlines its lobbying goals.[9]
  • The city provides information on federal stimulus funds it has received.[7]
  • Audits are posted.[10]
  • Budgets are posted.[11]
  • Zoning information is posted,[12] and building permits are available.[13]
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are posted.[14]
  • Bid opportunities are posted,[15] along with contract awards.[16]
  • Administrative contacts are listed in departmental pages.
  • Local tax rates are posted.[5][6]

The bad

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