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Chuck Schumer

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Chuck Schumer' is a Democratic politician. He represents the state of New York in the United States Senate.

Voting Record

Specific Votes

Senator Schumer voted in favor of TARP.[1] According to a Gallup poll from September 13, 2010, 61% of Americans disapprove of TARP, while 37% approve.[2]

Schumer also supported the stimulus bill.[3] 57% of U.S. voters believe that the stimulus has either hurt the economy (36%) or had no impact (21%). 38% believe the stimulus helped the economy. [4]

In addition, Schumer voted for the health care reform bill.[5] 57% of likely voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care reform bill, including 46% who strongly favor repeal. 35% of likely voters oppose repeal. 51% of likely voters believe the health care reform bill will be bad for the country, while 36% believe it will be beneficial. [6]

Finally, Schumer voted against an amendment that would have defunded the Obama Administration's lawsuit against Arizona over its new immigration law.[7] As of July 8, 2010, 56% of U.S. voters were opposed to the Obama Administration's challenge to the Arizona immigration law.[8]
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