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Cities in Washington

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Cities in the United States

Cities by State
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This is a list of cities in Washington, as of the 2010 Census.

Washington allows municipal charter cities and counties. There are 39 total counties in Washington. Of those 39:[1]

There are 281 total municipalities in Washington. Of those 281, 270 of them are General law municipalities while the remaining 11 are Charter/Home rule cities.[1]

Types of local government

The U.S. Census Bureau's 2012 study of local governments[2] shows that, as of September of 2012, local government in Washington consists of:

320 General Purpose units, including:

  • 39 Counties
  • 281 Cities and towns

1,511 Special Purpose units, including:

  • 1,216 Special Districts
  • 295 Independent School Districts

Further classifications:

Counties may be:

  • General law: of which there are 33
  • Home rule charter: of which there are 6 - Clallam (1979), King (1969), Pierce (1981), Snohomish (1980), Whatcom (1979) and

San Juan (2005)[3]

Cities and towns are classified as:

  • First class—10,000 inhabitants or more and a home-rule charter, of which there are 10 (Aberdeen, Bellingham, Bremerton, Everett, Richland, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Yakima)
  • Second class—1,500 or more inhabitants and no home-rule charter, of which there are 9 (Chewelah, Colfax, Colville, Davenport, Palouse, Port Orchard, Ritzville, Tekoa, and Wapato)
  • Towns—Fewer than 1,500 inhabitants and no home-rule charter, of which there are 70
  • Code Cities- Although a city must have a population of 10,000 to adopt a home rule charter, any city or town may acquire statutory home rule power by adopting the optional municipal code. There are 191 code cities, comprised of 190 noncharter code cities and 1 charter code city (Kelso)
  • There is also one unclassified city, Waitsburg, which operates under a territorial charter[4][5]

Laws governing local ballot measures

See also: Laws governing local ballot measures in Washington

The availability of initiative varies depending on the classification, form of government, and home rule status of a town, city, or county.

10 most populated cities

List of Cities and Population in Washington
City Population City Type Next election
Seattle 620,778 Charter
Spokane 210,103 Charter
Tacoma 200,678 Charter
Vancouver 164,759 Charter
Bellevue 124,798 General law
Kent 120,916 General law
Everett 104,295 Charter
Renton 92,812 General law
Yakima 92,512 Charter
Federal Way 91,085 General law

Full List of Cities

As of the 2010 Census, there are 281 incorporated cities and towns in Washington. Population figures below are based on the updated estimates as of July 1, 2011.[6]

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