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*Opposes [[Arizona Hunting Amendment, Proposition 109 (2010)]]
*Opposes [[Arizona Hunting Amendment, Proposition 109 (2010)]]
==Contact information==
'''Citizens in Charge'''<br>
2050 Old Bridge Road<br>
Lake Ridge, VA 22192<br>
'''Phone:''' (703) 492-1776<br>
'''Fax:''' (703) 910-7728<br>
'''Email:''' info@citizensincharge.org<br>
==See also==
==See also==

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Citizens in Charge
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Citizens in Charge (CIC) is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization that works directly with public officials and voters to protect and spread ballot initiative rights. The Citizens in Charge Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) organization.
  • "The organization works with activists, legislators, media, opinion leaders and voters to protect the initiative and referendum process where it exists in 24 states and to expand the process to the 26 states where voters currently lack that right."[1]


The board of directors of Citizens in Charge includes Paul Jacob, Eric O'Keefe, Dave Biddulph, Steven R. Merican, Dennis Polhill, Bill Redpath, Rob Richie, John Tillman and Dane Waters.


Contact information

Citizens in Charge
2050 Old Bridge Road
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Phone: (703) 492-1776
Fax: (703) 910-7728
Email: info@citizensincharge.org

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