City of Berkeley Landmarks Preservation Commission, Measure LL (November 2008)

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The City of Berkeley landmark preservation commission, measure LL was on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Alameda County for voters in the City of Berkeley, California. Measure LL was a veto referendum attempting to overturn a city ordinance passed by the city council. About 6,000 Berkeley residents signed the petition to put Measure LL on the ballot.

  • Measure LL was defeated with 43.24% of the vote.

Measure LL said:

"Shall ordinance No. 6,958-N.S., Repealing and Reenacting Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter3.24 (Landmarks Preservation), passed by City Council, granting the Landmarks Preservation Commission new authority to prohibit, instead of suspend, demolition of historic resources; eliminating property owners' approval in establishing historic districts; and substantially revising procedures for designating historic resources (including limiting reconsideration of properties not designated) and regulating alteration or demolition of historic resources, subject to appeal to the Council, be adopted?"

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