City of Lancaster Length of Mayoral Term, Measure M (April 2010)

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Location of Lancaster in Los Angeles County
A City of Lancaster Length of Mayoral Term, Measure M ballot question was on the April 13, 2010 ballot for voters in the City of Lancaster in Los Angeles County, where it was approved.

The approval of Measure M means that the Mayor of Lancaster will be elected to a four-year term, rather than a two-year term, beginning with the election of April 10, 2012.

According to an analysis of Measure C prepared by Lancaster's city attorney:

"The ballot measure asks whether the term of the Mayor of the City of Lancaster should be changed to four (4) years, beginning with the term of the Mayor elected in 2012. On November 7, 1995 the voters approved the direct election of the Mayor of the City and approved a two-year term. Beginning with the April, 1996 election, the Mayor of the City has been elected to a two-year term while members of the City Council are elected to four (4) year terms. State law provides that once the voters have approved a directly elected Mayor, they may approve a change in term to either two years or four years."

Election results

Measure M
Approveda Yes 7,168 55.4%
These election results are from the Los Angeles County elections office.

About Lancaster

Lancaster is the eighth-largest city in Los Angeles County, California and the 9th fastest growing city in the United States. The population of Lancaster grew from 37,000 residents when the city was incorporated in 1977, to an estimated 145,074 residents in 2009.

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

Measure M: "Shall the term of office of the Mayor be four years, commencing in 2012?"[1]

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