City of Los Angeles Term Limits, Proposition R (November 2006)

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A City of Los Angeles Term Limits, Proposition R was on the November 7, 2006 ballot in the City of Los Angeles, where it was approved.[1]

Proposition R gave Los Angeles City Council members the ability to run for a third term, one more term than they had previously been allowed.

  • Yes: 375,433 (59.53%) Approveda
  • No: 255,242 (40.47%)

The question asked on the ballot was, "Shall the Charter be amended and ordinance adopted to: change Councilmember term limits to three terms; restrict lobbyists from making campaign contributions, gifts and becoming commissioners; revise lobbyist registration thresholds; require contractors certify compliance with lobbying laws; extend elected officials' post-employment restrictions; require ethics training; and revise requirements for independent expenditures and campaign communications?"


The Anschutz Entertainment Group gave $137,000 to the campaign in favor of Proposition R.[1]