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[[Category:California 2008 local ballot measures]]
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Measure V, or the Oxnard Traffic Initiative, appeared on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Ventura County, California for voters in the city of Oxnard.

The measure was defeated with 38.37% of the vote.

Measure V was a citizen initiative.

The Oxnard Traffic Initiative states that all intersections within a five-mile radius of a proposed development must be fixed before a project can be approved. If the intersections are not fixed and the City of Oxnard still wishes to proceed with the project, then the proposed development would have to be submitted to the voters for approval.

Text of Initiative V

Measure V asks, "Shall portions of the Oxnard 2020 General Plan be amended to prohibit residential development of five units or larger, or commercial, retail or industrial development in excess of 10,000 square feet, unless every traffic intersection within a five mile radius of the project operates at a minimum level of service C, subject to certain exemptions, limitations and exceptions as stated in the initiative, including approval of the project by the voters?"

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