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{{tnr}}A '''City of Saratoga Building Heights Limit, Measure Q''' ballot proposition is on the {{nov02ca2010}} in {{santa clara}}.
{{tnr}}A '''City of Saratoga Building Heights Limit, Measure Q''' ballot proposition was on the {{nov02ca2010}} in {{santa clara}}.

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A City of Saratoga Building Heights Limit, Measure Q ballot proposition was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Santa Clara County.


Supporters of Measure Q say:

"In April, 2010, the City approved Ordinance #277, removing the 2-story height restriction on commercial buildings that had been in place for the 50+ year history of Saratoga!
Very Few Saratogans knew this was happening.
YES Measure Q will restore Saratoga’s history 2 story commercial height limit.

Jeff Schwartz, a leader in the "Yes on Q" campaign, says, "This is an issue about the future of the community."[1]

Saratoga city council candidates Jill Hunter, Nancy Kirk and Yan Zhao support Measure Q.[1]


The campaign for a "no" vote on Measure Q had raised about $36,000 for their campaign through mid-October. The California Association of Realtors contributed about $25,000 of that total.[1]

Jeff Bell, president of the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, says, "Measure Q is absolutely going to kill downtown development in Saratoga."[1]

Saratoga city council candidates Chuck Page, Pragati Grover and Emily Lo are opposed to Measure Q.[1]

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

Measure Q: Shall the City of Saratoga adopt an ordinance setting a two-story limit for buildings on land in Commercial and Professional and Administrative Office zoning districts in the City and requiring voter approval of any future change to the two-story limit on those lands?[2]

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