City of Walnut Creek Broadway Plaza, Measure I (November 2009)

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Broadway Plaza
Walnut Creek Measure I will be on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Contra Costa County for voters in the City of Walnut Creek.[1]

Measure I, if approved, will give Macerich, a real-estate development company, the right to build a two-story store at Broadway Plaza that is intended to house Neiman Marcus.[2]

Measure I would require the developer "to provide street and intersection improvements and financial contributions toward parking and transportation improvements, but would allow the developer to meet the city's parking requirements with an employee-only parking lot."[3]


Supporters say that if Measure I passes, it will:

  • Bring additional sales tax revenue to the city
  • Improve parking and safety for drivers and pedestrians in the downtown area
  • Create new jobs.[3]

The editorial board of the "Contra Costa Times" supports a "yes" vote on Measure I.[4]


Opponents say:

  • The proposed Neiman Marcus store would "exacerbate traffic and parking problems in the already congested downtown area."
  • Allow the developer to "avoid paying for standard traffic and parking mitigations designed to protect the public's interests."
  • It would "allow the developer to double the floor space currently allowed without guaranteeing that the new store would be a Neiman Marcus store."[3]

Ballot question

The ballot question is, "Shall the ordinance allowing a new two-story retail anchor building, such as a Neiman Marcus store, of approximately half the square footage of the Nordstrom building, in Broadway Plaza at South Main St. and Mt. Diablo Blvd.; increasing the site’s floor-to-area ratio limit; and addressing parking and transportation issues by amending the Walnut Creek General Plan and Zoning Ordinance; and approving a Development Agreement, be adopted?"

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