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*[[Evaluation of capital cities]]
[[Category:My Government Website/Cities]]
[[Category:My Government Website/Cities]]

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This page was a work page in the My Government Website project.

See also: List of cities in the fifty states.

The first priority of the city website project was to evaluate cities with populations of more than 20,000.

Priority projects

The "starter class" and "partially rated" columns below automatically generate a updated total whenever a Sunshine Review contributor adds a new city article to one of the categories for this project. The "full ranking" and "charted" columns must be filled out manually, as must the grand totals at the bottom of the table.

State Total cities Starter class Partial ranking Full ranking Charted
Alabama cities 26 0 0 17 0
Alaska cities 3 0 0 1 0
Illinois cities 62 0 2 4 0
Kansas cities 18 0 0 0 0
Louisiana cities 307 0 0 307 307
Oklahoma cities 21 0 0 1 0
Rhode Island cities 10 1 0 0 0
Texas cities 117 6 124 488 0
Wisconsin cities 35 0 0 3 0
Totals: 598 136 223 821 307

Other cities, A - M

State Total cities Starter class Partial ranking Full ranking Charted
Arizona cities 30 [[Category:Starter classArizona cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Arizona cities}} 8 [[Evaluation of Arizona city websites}}
Arkansas cities 18 [[Category:Starter classArkansas cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Arkansas cities}} 5 [[Evaluation of Arkansas city websites}}
California cities 274 [[Category:Starter classCalifornia cities}} [[Category:Partially rated California cities}} 19 [[Evaluation of California city websites}}
Colorado cities 30 [[Category:Starter classColorado cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Colorado cities}} 3 [[Evaluation of Colorado city websites}}
Connecticut cities 28 [[Category:Starter classConnecticut cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Connecticut cities}} 7 [[Evaluation of Connecticut city websites}}
Delaware cities 3 [[Category:Starter classDelaware cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Delaware cities}} 10 [[Evaluation of Delaware city websites}}
Florida cities 89 [[Category:Starter classFlorida cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Florida cities}} 7 [[Evaluation of Florida city websites}}
Georgia cities 36 [[Category:Starter classGeorgia cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Georgia cities}} 13 [[Evaluation of Georgia city websites}}
Hawaii cities 9 [[Category:Starter classHawaii cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Hawaii cities}} 1 [[Evaluation of Hawaii city websites}}
Idaho cities 10 [[Category:Starter classIdaho cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Idaho cities}} 4 [[Evaluation of Idaho city websites}}
Indiana cities 31 [[Category:Starter classIndiana cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Indiana cities}} 2 [[Evaluation of Indiana city websites}}
Iowa cities 22 [[Category:Starter classIowa cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Iowa cities}} 7 [[Evaluation of Iowa city websites}}
Kentucky cities 16 [[Category:Starter classKentucky cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Kentucky cities}} 8 [[Evaluation of Kentucky city websites}}
Maine cities 6 [[Category:Starter classMaine cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Maine cities}} 6 [[Evaluation of Maine city websites}}
Maryland cities 63 [[Category:Starter classMaryland cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Maryland cities}} 10 [[Evaluation of Maryland city websites}}
Massachusetts cities 94 [[Category:Starter classMassachusetts cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Massachusetts cities}} 1 [[Evaluation of Massachusetts city websites}}
Michigan cities 67 [[Category:Starter classMichigan cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Michigan cities}} 1 [[Evaluation of Michigan city websites}}
Minnesota cities 51 [[Category:Starter classMinnesota cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Minnesota cities}} 7 [[Evaluation of Minnesota city websites}}
Mississippi cities 17 [[Category:Starter classMississippi cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Mississippi cities}} 0 [[Evaluation of Mississippi city websites}}
Missouri cities 34 [[Category:Starter classMissouri cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Missouri cities}} 5 [[Evaluation of Missouri city websites}}
Montana cities 6 [[Category:Starter classMontana cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Montana cities}} 6 [[Evaluation of Montana city websites}}

Other cities, N - W

State Total cities Starter class Partial ranking Full ranking Charted
Nebraska cities 10 }} Nebraska cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Nebraska cities}} 1 [[Evaluation of Nebraska city websites}}
Nevada cities 15 [[Category:Starter class Nevada cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Nevada cities}} 4 [[Evaluation of Nevada city websites}}
New Hampshire cities 8 [[Category:Starter class New Hampshire cities}} [[Category:Partially rated New Hampshire cities}} 0 [[Evaluation of New Hampshire city websites}}
New Jersey cities 72 [[Category:Starter class New Jersey cities}} [[Category:Partially rated New Jersey cities}} 6 [[Evaluation of New Jersey city websites}}
New Mexico cities 12 [[Category:Starter class New Mexico cities}} [[Category:Partially rated New Mexico cities}} 4 [[Evaluation of New Mexico city websites}}
New York cities 83 [[Category:Starter class New York cities}} [[Category:Partially rated New York cities}} 5 [[Evaluation of New York city websites}}
North Carolina cities 35 [[Category:Starter class North Carolina cities}} [[Category:Partially rated North Carolina cities}} 1 [[Evaluation of North Carolina city websites}}
North Dakota cities 4 [[Category:Starter class North Dakota cities}} [[Category:Partially rated North Dakota cities}} 5 [[Evaluation of North Dakota city websites}}
Ohio cities 83 [[Category:Starter class Ohio cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Ohio cities}} 4 [[Evaluation of Ohio city websites}}
Oregon cities 23 [[Category:Starter class Oregon cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Oregon cities}} 8 [[Evaluation of Oregon city websites}}
Pennsylvania cities 27 [[Category:Starter class Pennsylvania cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Pennsylvania cities}} 7 [[Evaluation of Pennsylvania city websites}}
South Carolina cities 19 [[Category:Starter class South Carolina cities}} [[Category:Partially rated South Carolina cities}} 1 [[Evaluation of South Carolina city websites}}
South Dakota cities 4 [[Category:Starter class South Dakota cities}} [[Category:Partially rated South Dakota cities}} 0 [[Evaluation of South Dakota city websites}}
Tennessee cities 26 [[Category:Starter class Tennessee cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Tennessee cities}} 2 [[Evaluation of Tennessee city websites}}
Utah cities 30 [[Category:Starter class Utah cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Utah cities}} 111 [[Evaluation of Utah city websites}}
Vermont cities 1 [[Category:Starter class Vermont cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Vermont cities}} 6 [[Evaluation of Vermont city websites}}
Virginia cities 50 [[Category:Starter class Virginia cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Virginia cities}} 38 [[Evaluation of Virginia city websites}}
Washington cities 61 [[Category:Starter class Washington cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Washington cities}} 6 [[Evaluation of Washington city websites}}
West Virginia cities 5 [[Category:Starter class West Virginia cities}} [[Category:Partially rated West Virginia cities}} 2 [[Evaluation of West Virginia city websites}}
Wyoming cities 3 [[Category:Starter class Wyoming cities}} [[Category:Partially rated Wyoming cities}} 5 [[Evaluation of Wyoming city websites}}