Clark County Transportation Sales Tax Increase (November 2012)

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A Clark County Transportation Sales Tax Increase measure was on the November 6, 2012 election ballot in Clark County, which is in Washington, where it was defeated.

If approved this measure would have authorized a sales and use tax increase by 0.1 percent to partially fund the costs of the Columbia River Crossing Project light rail extension. This is an increase of an already existing voter approved sales tax of a 0.7% for C-Tran funding.[1][2]

Election results

Clark County Trans. Tax Prop.
Defeatedd No73,60956.62%
Yes 56,407 43.38%

Election results from Clark County Election Department.

Text of measure

Language on the ballot:

Resolution BR-12-009 and RCW 81.104 authorize a proposition to increase the sales and use tax by 0.1 percent, or one penny on a ten dollar purchase, to fund the C-TRAN share of the maintenance and operations costs only of the Columbia River Crossing Project light rail extension between Expo Center and Clark Park & Ride and the local capital share and operations and maintenance costs of the Fourth Plain Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit project.

Should this proposition be:

Approved Rejected[1][3]


This statement in support of the measure is taken from the Clark County Elections Voter guide:

Statement for:

Vote Yes: Accountable, Affordable Transit Investments

Business leaders, seniors, people with disabilities, students and commuters agree – we need expanded transit options to fuel our economic recovery, protect access to services, and reduce congestion on our roads and bridges. For a penny on a $10 purchase we will be able to ramatically improve transit in Clark County. Investing in new high capacity transit will create hundreds of new jobs and attract more businesses to Clark County. This measure will create a fast and easy way for people to get into and out of Vancouver – expanding access to retail, goods and services. With a yes vote for transit, Clark County residents will be able to connect into Oregon’s light rail system and build a bus rapid transit line on Fourth Plain. These two investments will make transit more reliable, reduce commute and wait times, make it easier to walk or bike to the bus, and improve the comfort and safety of transit. Even if you don’t ride the bus or light rail, transit still serves you! Buses in Clark County transport thousands of commuters and students across town, taking countless cars off our roads and highways. Vote yes to reduce your commute to work, make it easier for goods to get to market, ambulances to get to hospitals, and put people in Clark County back to work. C-Tran is governed by an independent board of elected officials committed to accountability and efficient services. Vote yes for Transit!

Written by: Committee in Support of C-Tran Members: Jim Moeller, Chair; Royce Pollard; Tim Kraft[2][3]


This statement against the measure is taken from the Clark County Elections voter guide:

Statement against:

Vote No – Clark County Cannot Afford Light Rail Fact: Proposition 1 funds will not benefit Clark County. This sales tax will be paid for by Clark County residents with 100% of the proceeds going to Portland. Portland’s financially troubled Tri-Met will operate the light rail, not C-Tran.

Fact: In addition to this tax increase, tolls will cost $8.28 per round trip across the bridges. The Columbia River Crossing plan calls for $8.28 tolls. For a typical commuter, this will cost $165.60 per month.

Fact: Light rail is not a government required component of the CRC Project. The I-5 Bridge can be replaced without the light rail component.

Fact: Light rail in Portland has not relieved congestion. The CRC’s own research shows that light rail will have no effect on relieving congestion on I-5.

Fact: Light rail is too expensive to operate. Tri-Met currently carries over 1 billion dollars in unpaid debt and continues to lose money every year. C-Tran’s own projections show that in less than 10 years of paying for light rail, they too, will be experiencing significant yearly losses.

Fact: C-Tran users will lose bus service. C-Tran is already planning to cut “redundant” bus service in the light rail corridor. Current users will be forced to use a light rail system that will increase their commute time and cost more than their current service.

Fact: Light rail provides another mode of transportation for crime and gang activity into Vancouver.

Written by: Don Benton: (360) 574-7369,
David Madore: (360) 601-3056,
Bill Turlay: (360) 608-4689[2][3]

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