Coconino County, Arizona ballot measures

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Location of Coconino County

November 6, 2012

See also: November 6, 2012 ballot measures in Arizona

November 8, 2011

See also: November 8, 2011 ballot measures in Arizona

Defeatedd Page School District Levy Override Question (November 2011)
Defeatedd Williams School District Bond Measure (November 2011)

November 2, 2010

See also: November 2, 2010 ballot measures in Arizona

DefeateddApproveda Flagstaff City Bond Measures, 4 (November 2010)
Defeatedd Tusayan Town Expenditure Limitation Increase (November 2010)
Defeatedd Williams School District Bond Measure (November 2010)

May 18, 2010

See also: May 18, 2010 ballot measures in Arizona

Approveda Flagstaff City Sales Tax Continuation, Prop 400 (May 2010)
Approveda Flagstaff City Lodging and Bed Tax Continuation, Prop 401 (May 2010)
Approveda Flagstaff City Utility Franchise Agreement Continuation, Prop 402 (May 2010)
Defeatedd Flagstaff Collective Bargaining Referendum (May 2010)

March 9, 2010

See also: March 9, 2010 ballot measures in Arizona

Defeatedd Sedona Mayoral Election Question (March 2010) (also in Yavapai County)
Approveda Flagstaff School District Budget Override Question (March 2010)
Approveda Williams City Extension of Expenditure Limitation (March 2010)
Approveda Fredonia Local Expenditure Limitation Establishment (March 2010)
Approveda Tusayan Town Incorporation Measure (March 2010)


County Evaluation

A study was conducted evaluating Arizona's county election websites based on seven criteria. For detailed information on the Navigation number see: Navigation.

  • Has Election site: Yes
  • Current Information: Yes
  • Ballot Text: Yes
  • Issues List: No
  • Updated Results: Yes
  • Archives: Yes
  • Navigation: 4

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