Colorado 1992 ballot measures

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13 statewide ballot propositions were on the November 3, 1992 ballot in Colorado.

On the ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Issue 1 Taxes Requiring voter approval of tax revenue increases Approveda
CICA Colorado Issue 2 (1992) Discrimination Repealing local laws that banned discrimination of sexual orientation. (Repealed)[1] Approveda
CICA Colorado Issue 3 (1992) Gaming Regarding limited gaming Defeatedd
CICA Colorado Issue 4 (1992) Gaming Regarding limited gaming Defeatedd
CICA Colorado Issue 5 (1992) Gaming Regarding limited gaming Defeatedd
CISS Colorado Issue 6 (1992) Education An act for a system of educational standards Defeatedd
CICA Colorado Issue 7 (1992) School Vouchers Regarding vouchers for school funding Defeatedd
CICA Colorado Issue 8 (1992) Environment The Great Outdoors Colorado program Approveda
CICA Colorado Issue 9 (1992) Gaming Regarding limited gaming Defeatedd
CISS} Colorado Issue 10 (1992) Wildlife Protection Prohibiting the taking of black bears Approveda
LR Colorado Referendum A (1992) Crime Rights of crime victims Approveda
LR Colorado Referendum B (1992) Legal Obsolete provisions Approveda
LR Colorado Referendum C (1992) Gaming Local vote on gaming after statewide vote Approveda

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