Colorado 2000 ballot measures

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Twelve statewide ballot propositions were on the 2000 ballot in Colorado.

  • Seven passed, while five were defeated.
  • Six measure were proposed through the initiative process.

On the ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Colorado Marijuana Act (2000) Marijuana Allows patients diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness and their care-givers to legally possess marijuana for medical purposes Approveda
CICA Colorado Tax Cuts Act (2000) Taxes Cuts the taxes which fund certain basic local and state services by $25 per year including property, income, utility, and vehicle taxes Defeatedd
CISS Colorado Background Checks at Gun Shows Act (2000) Civil rights Requires background checks if any part of a gun purchase takes place at a gun show with the exception of antique guns Approveda
CICA Colorado Funding for Public Schools Act (2000) Education Sets a minimum increase in funding Approveda
CICA Colorado Voter Approval of Growth Act (2000) Taxes Requires voter approval of maps, called "growth area maps," that identify areas for future development in counties, cities, and towns of a certain population Defeatedd
CISS Colorado Consent to Abortion Act (2000) Abortion Requires a doctor and licensed health care or mental health care professional working with a doctor to present specific information to a woman before an abortion Defeatedd
LRCA Colorado Tax Reduction Act for Senior Citizens (2000) Taxes Reduces property taxes for qualified senior citizens by exempting up to one-half, but not to exceed $100,000, of the value of a home from property taxation Approveda
LRCA Colorado Reapportionment Timetable Act (2000) Admin of gov't Permanently changes reapportionment timetable by moving up the start of the legislative reapportionment process to April 15th Approveda
LRCA Colorado County Surveyors Act (2000) Admin of gov't Adds the option of appointing a county surveyor to the existing requirement that surveyors be elected Defeatedd
LRCA Colorado Outdated Constitutional Provisions Act (2000) Admin of gov't Strikes references to one-time events that have already occurred and to public offices that no longer exist Approveda
LRSS Colorado Multi-State Lotteries Act (2000) Gambling Makes multi-state lotteries legal in Colorado Approveda
LRSS Colorado Math and Science Grants Act (2000) Education Allows the state to keep and spend the first $50 million in excess of the state's constitutional revenue limit for each of the next five years (up to $250 million total) Defeatedd

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