Colorado 2000 ballot measures

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12 measures appeared on the Colorado ballot in 2000. Seven of them passed, and five were defeated.

2000 Election Results

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
LR Colorado Amendment 1 (1976) Gaming Authorizing sweepstakes races Approved
LR Colorado Amendment 2 (1976) Tax Reform Reforming the taxation of mobile homes Approved
CICA Colorado Issue 3 (1976) Nuclear Procedure Requiring approval by 2/3 of each House of the General Assembly before constructing or modifying a nuclear power plant Defeated
LR Colorado Amendment 4 (1976) Labor Exemption from the state personnel system for heads of certain divisions Defeated
LR Colorado Amendment 5 (1976) Elected Officials Salary Regarding the compensation of county elected officials Defeated
CICA Colorado Issue 6 (1976) Civil Rights Repealing the law that provides for equality of rights on account of sex Defeated
ISS Colorado Issue 7 (1976) Sales Tax Exemption Exempting food and food products from state sales and use taxes, with certain exemptions Defeated
ISS Colorado Issue 8 (1976) Refund for Recyclables Requiring a minimum deposit refund value for beverage containers Defeated
ISS Colorado Issue 9 (1976) Business Regulation Protects and represents consumers of public utility services Defeated
CICA Colorado Issue 10 (1976) Tax Reform Requiring registered electoral approval of all state and local executive or legislative acts which result in new or increased taxes Defeated

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