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Seven measures have been certified for the 2010 ballot in Colorado. Three of the certified measures are initiated constitutional amendments, while one is a initiated state statutes. Three were legislatively-referred.

The signature filing deadline for the 2010 ballot in Colorado is not clear-cut. A statute passed in 2009 says the deadline is July 12, but some sources say that this statute conflicts with the Colorado Constitution and that the deadline is actually therefore August 2. At least one initiative sponsor has received a letter from the Colorado Secretary of State putting the deadline on August 2.[1]

Currently approximately 98 ballot initiatives have been proposed for the 2010 ballot in Colorado. Eleven of the proposed initiatives have already been withdrawn or have expired.

On the ballot

November 2

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Referendum P Gambling Transfers the licensing of games of chance from the Department of State to the Department of Revenue Defeatedd
LRCA Referendum Q Admin of Gov't Establishes a process for moving the state seat to a temporary location during a declared disaster emergency Approveda
LRCA Referendum R Taxes Eliminates property taxes for individuals or businesses that use government-owned property for a private benefit Defeatedd
CICA Initiative 60 Taxes Proposes reducing property taxes Defeatedd
CICA Initiative 61 Gov't Finances Forbids state and local gov't debt by loan in any form Defeatedd
CICA Initiative 62 Abortion Applies the term 'person' to every human being from the beginning of biological development Defeatedd
CICA Initiative 63 Health Care Prohibits enforcing any policy that requires a person to participate in an insurance plan Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 101 Taxes Makes amendments to current vehicle, income and telecommunications taxes and fees Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 102 Law Enforcement Allows first-time misdemeanor defendants to be recommended for release or released to a pretrial services program's supervision instead of a bond Defeatedd

Proposed measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Elections to Fill Vacancies Initiative Election reform Requires a vote by the people when filling vacant seats of elected officials reviewed 1/4/10
CICA Gay Marriage Amendment (5) Marriage Recognizes marriage as a union between any two consenting adults reviewed 1/11/10
CICA General Fund Appropriations Amendment State budgets Grants the General Assembly the power to appropriate all general funds petition approved
CICA General Assembly Reorganization (3) Admin of gov't Reorganize the State General Assembly hearing 3/2/10
CICA Plain Language Lawmaking Initiative Admin of gov't Laws, rules and regulations must be written in "plain language" title set
CICA Gun Rights Protection Initiative (3) Firearms Protects rights of individual citizens to keep and bear arms official title set
CISS Immigration Status Check Measure (2) Immigration Require businesses to check the immigration status of all newly hired workers reviewed 12/16/09
CICA Global Day Without Violence Initiative (2) Admin of gov't Establishes a global day without violence every year on January 1 reviewed 1/11/10
CICA New Housing Water Use Environment Limitation on water available for new residential housing growth pending review
CICA Campaign Finance Amendment (3) Election reform Allows for public funds for state citizens to run for state wide or legislative offices pending review
CICA Medical Marijuana Regulation Initiative Marijuana Allow the people to vote directly on medical marijuana regulations filed
CICA Sale of Marijuana in a Regulated Market Initiative Marijuana Allow Coloradans 21 and older to use marijuana; create regulated market pending review
CICA Health Care Amendment (2) Health care Protect the individual’s right to make health care decisions title set
CISS States Rights Initiative(2) Admin of gov’t Re-estbalish the state’s rights under the U.S. Constitution pending review 3/12/10
CICA Religious Freedom Amendment Religion Prohibits gov't from burdening person or organization from religious liberty pending review
CISS Juvenile Tried as Adults Initiative (2) Law enforcement Juveniles Tried as Adults and Eligibility For Community Corrections pending review 4/6/10
CISS Renewable Energy Exemption Initiative (3) Utility regulation Allows customers to opt out of getting their power from renewable sources pending review
Impeachment of US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts pending review 4/8/10
Impeachment of US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. pending review 4/8/10
CISS Deferred Loan Interest Rates (3) Admin of gov't pending review 4/8/10
CICA Private Property Water Access Amendment (20) Environment Limits the use of rivers or targets rafters with liability provisions pending review
CICA Use of Streams Amendment (4) Environment Affirms the "right to float" down Colorado rivers pending review
CICA Container Fee for Water Preservation Amendment Environment Container fee to fund water preservation and protection pending review 4/9/10
CISS Criminal Defendant Bail Initiative Law enforcement Amends the criteria for setting bail and type of bond pending review 4/9/10
CICA Rent Control Amendment (2) Admin of gov't Unconstitutional for the state, county to control rents on private property pending review 4/9/10
CISS Private Property Energy Requirements Initiative (2) Utility regulation Prevents gov't imposed energy efficient building requirements on private property pending review 4/9/10
CISS Renewable Energy in Retail Sales Initiative (2) Utility regulation pending review 4/9/10

Not on the ballot

See also: Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS President Qualification Verification Admin of gov't Amend the process of nominating and certifying presidential candidates to the ballot withdrawn
CISS Consumer Credit Checks Initiative Business regulation Ban the use of credit checks of potential employees by employers withdrawn
CICA Save Our Secret Ballot (4) Labor Protects the right to secret ballots in federal, state, and union representation elections title expired
CICA Congressional Term Limits Amendment Admin of gov't Amends the length of term for representatives to the U.S. Senate and House withdrawn
CICA Supreme Court Design Competition Admin of gov't Transparent design competition for Ralph L. Carr Supreme Court Building title expired
Recall Bill Ritter Recall (2) Recall An effort to recall Bill Ritter withdrawn
CISS Beer and Wine Sales Initiative (3) Alcohol Allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot

Local ballot measures

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  1. Uncertainty clouds Colorado's 2010 signature deadline