Colorado House Bill 1326 (2009)

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Colorado House Bill 1326 was signed into law by Gov. Bill Ritter on Friday, May 29, 2009. The law was sponsored in the Colorado State Legislature by politicians Terrance Carroll, Brandon Shaffer, Josh Penry, Mike May, and Lois Court.[1]

HB 1326 includes these provisions:

  • It forbids campaigns from paying circulators on a pay-per-signature basis.
  • People who successfully challenge the validity of signatures in court could sue the campaign to recover attorney's fee.
  • Ballot measures that change state laws (initiated state statutes) will henceforward be referred to as "propositions".
  • Requires that petition drive management companies who hire paid circulators go through a licensing process.
  • Petition sheet must carry a label to warn people that their signature will help place the question on the ballot.
  • Circulators who collect more than 100 signatures are required to go through a government-sponsored training procedure before they are allowed to collect additional signatures legally.
  • People who sign a petition and later change their mind will be able to have their signature withdrawn.[2]


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