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The Colorado Legislative Council is a multi-purpose legislative service bureau that provides policy research, fiscal analysis, reference services for members of the Colorado Legislature


The Colorado Legislative Council was first formed in 1953[1].


The Legislative Council is led by a Director of Research who appointed by a 18 person legislative committee comprising of members of the Colorado Legislature[1].

Services offered

Fiscal notes

The Colorado Legislative Council provides fiscal notes for any bill or resolution that has impacts towards state or local governments[2]. This is done with any bill, but the fiscal notes are used towards bills that involve appropriations or budgets

Initiative Process

The Colorado Legislative Council plays a big role in the initiative process in Colorado. The Legislative Council meets to approve all language for all ballot measures that have qualified in Colorado. Also, Legislative Council provides a fiscal impact statement which is mandatory for all ballot measures. This is done to determine impacts on any state agency or local government[3].

Once the analysis is complete, the Legislative Council prepares an official booklet which is published to Colorado voters on the actual language and fiscal impacts of ballot measures[3].

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