Colorado bail bond measure qualifies for November 2010 ballot

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September 1, 2010

DENVER, Colorado: The last pending initiative has been cleared for the November 2010 statewide ballot. The Colorado Criminal Defendant Bail Bond Initiative, which will appear as Proposition 102, calls for amending the criteria for setting bail and type of bond.[1]

The signature filing deadline for the 2010 ballot in Colorado was August 2. Approximately 98 ballot initiatives were proposed for the 2010 ballot in Colorado. Four of them submitted signatures and were certified for the ballot well before the normal summer petitioning season. Sponsors of two additional initiatives submitted their signatures in the hours and days leading up to the August 2, 2010 deadline. Both were certified: Colorado Health Care, Amendment 63 and Colorado Criminal Defendant Bail Bond, Proposition 102.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State's office, below is the petition summary for Proposition 102:[2]

  • Total qualified signatures submitted: 127,474
  • 5% random sample of qualified signatures: 6,374
  • Total entries accepted from random sample: 4,577
  • Total entries rejected from random sample: 1,797
  • Number of projected valid signatures from random sample: 91,536
  • Required signatures to qualify for ballot: 76,047
  • Percentage of presumed valid signatures: 120.37%

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