Colorado tax initiative tests the state's review board

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December 13, 2010

DENVER, Colorado: The Colorado Center on Law and Policy has filed an initiative with state officials, however according to the organization the initiative is a test to determine whether the state's Title Setting Review Board will rule that the measure complies with the constitution's single-subject requirement. The measure, however, is drawing some concern. Some argue that it might be a firm proposal for a tax-hike increase and disagree with the proposed measure.[1]

According to the proposed measure: a graduated corporate and individual income taxes would be implemented; the state's sales tax would be lowered from 2.9 cents to 2.7 cents; the sales tax would be extended to include services; business-to-business services and health care would not be taxed; and would repeal the prohibition of a statewide property tax and local income taxes in the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.[1]

However, Carol Hedges, director of the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute a part of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, stressed that the initiative is only a test. "This is part of a research effort to determine what are the possible options that can be presented to voters to address the state's long-term fiscal situation," said Hedges.[1]

The Title Setting Review Board is expected to hear the measure on December 15. An automatic re-hearing is scheduled for January 5, 2011.[1]

According to reports, it is expected that the measure will result in a lawsuit.

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