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Redistricting Roundup: Only weeks remain in 2011, with many maps unfinished

Edited by Geoff Pallay

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Following the release of draft maps last week, the Florida Senate Redistricting Committee has voted to introduce its US House and State Senate redistricting plans. Further committee consideration is expected ahead of a January 17 floor vote. The committee gathered public feedback on the draft plans via the Internet -- accumulating around 500 responses. Although the plan has received praise for recognizing the growth of Hispanic communities, criticisms have been leveled at redistricting for US House District 3, Polk County, and other areas around the state.

Meanwhile, the House Redistricting Committee released a range of draft maps for both the US House and Florida House. In total, seven congressional and five House plans were released. Although the plans increase the number of Democratic-majority districts, the plans also appear to shore up existing GOP districts. Florida gained two seats this year from the 2010 Census. A total of 27 members will be elected to the U.S. House from Florida in the 2012 elections.

  • An interactive map showing the committees’ proposals can be found here.
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