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Connecticut Supreme Court takes over redistricting

Connecticut: The Connecticut Supreme Court will have until February 15 to propose the final plan for new legislative districts in the state. This new responsibility comes after a committee of legislators missed their deadline earlier this week. Like many other states dealing with the results of the 2010 census, the high court will be the final arbitrator in this dispute.[1]

No one knows for sure how the Supreme Court will delve into this matter, though some suggestions have been outlined. For one, the court could appoint a special master to redraw the districts. It could also command the legislative committee to reconvene and come to a compromise.[1]

Republicans in the state contend that they want to fix the gerrymandering of districts from 2000; while Democrats wanted to only make small adjustments.[2]

To learn more about this year's process of redistricting in the state, visit: Redistricting in Connecticut on Ballotpedia.

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