Connecticut FOIA procedures

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Each state varies slightly in the procedures used to gain access to public documents. This article serves to describe specifically the steps used in Connecticut. To read the history and details of Connecticut’s sunshine laws please see Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.

How to request public records in Connecticut

Requests need only be submitted to the public agency who holds the record. The act makes no mention of specific records custodians.

Purpose and use

The act does not require a statement of purpose and in no way restricts the use of public records once they have been delivered.

Who may request?

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Anyone may request records in Connecticut.


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Connecticut allows for charging fees which include duplication fees as well as the cost of employee time in searching for the requested documents. Fees may be exempted if it is deemed that the person making the request cannot afford them, if the request is made in the interest of the general welfare or if the person making the request is an elected public official requesting the information on behalf of his office.[1]

Response time

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The act allows four days for public bodies to respond to records requests.

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