Corey Poitier

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Corey Poitier
Candidate for
Florida State Senate, District 35

Political party No party affiliation
Website Campaign website
Corey Poitier was an Independent candidate for District 35 in the Florida State Senate in the November 2, 2010, state legislative elections.


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Poitier lost to Gwen Margolis (D) in the November 2 general election.[1]

Florida State Senate, District 35
2010 General election results
Candidates Votes Percent
Green check mark transparent.png Gwen Margolis (D) 62,237 77.78%
Corey Poitier (NPA) 17,780 22.22%

Campaign themes

On his campaign website, Poitier lists nine issues he is concerned about.[2] They are:

  • The Constitution
Excerpt: "I am a firm believer in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am a strong proponent of the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment and 10th Amendment."
  • Israel
Excerpt: "I believe in the support and defense of Israel. Israel has been our ally and a great example of democracy in the Middle East."
  • Illegal Immigration
Excerpt: "Social programs should be only for American citizens and legal immigrants. Without freebies, then you will have less illegal traffic."
  • Bailouts and Stimulus Packages
Excerpt: "I do not agree with bailouts and stimulus packages. Bailouts are government power grabs into the private sector and a slide toward socialism. Stimulus packages that are full of liberal pet projects I am not in favor of."
  • Lowering Taxes
Excerpt: "I believe in lowering taxes on individuals and companies. The government should stay out of the private sector."
  • Healthcare Reform
Excerpt: "I believe that the government should stay out of Health care. Let the private sector sort out Health care and cut costs."
  • Welfare to Workfare
Excerpt: "I believe that welfare needs to be reformed into Workfare. Where the able body recipient is trained to become a productive part of society."
  • Crime and Drugs
Excerpt: "We need to find a punishment and rehabilitation service for these men and women, so that they never want to go to jail/prison again. When they come out of jail/prison they can become a productive member of society."
  • Supporting Workers
Excerpt: "I believe that Police, Firefighters, EMT’s and Teachers should be paid a fair and handsome sum for the duty they perform. They are doing a selfless act."

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