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This page collects information about how much it costs to administer a variety of local election contests, including election contests involving local ballot measures.


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County Measure Cost of election
Mohave County Mohave County Kennel Ordinance Repeal Question $209,000[1]


See also: Local ballot measures, California
County Measure Cost of election
Alameda County Hayward Unified School District parcel tax $200,000[2]
Contra Costa County East Contra Costa County parcel tax for Fire Services $150,000[3]
Contra Costa County Kensington CSD Appropriations Limit $5,000-$10,000[4]
Contra Costa County City of Richmond, Measure D $200,000[5]
Contra Costa County Kuehne and Ward Recall, Hercules $5.50 per vote cast[6]
Los Angeles County Pasadena Unified, Measure CC $500,000[7]
Marin County Ross Valley School District parcel tax $40,000 for 15,813 voters[8]
Mendocino County Point Arena recall $5,000[9]
Orange County San Juan Capistrano Distrito Development, Measure B Between $76,500-$85,500[10]
Riverside County Vote on Walmart Supercenter in Menifee $113,500[11]
San Benito County Hollister Schools parcel tax $200,000[12]
San Diego County City of Encinitas Measures K, L and M $37,630[13]
San Mateo County San Mateo County Hotel Tax $280,000[14]
Santa Clara County Milpitas Unified School District bond proposition $98,000[15]
Santa Cruz County Santa Cruz Voter Approval Required for Desalination Facility $70,000 - $90,000[16]
Ventura County Las Virgenes Measure K parcel tax $200,000[17]


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County Measure Cost of election
Palm Beach County Loxahatchee Groves Water Board Election Question $36,000 [18]


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County Measure Cost of election
Delaware County Buckeye Valley School District Income Tax & Bond Measure $42,000 [19]


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County Measure Cost of election
Genesee County Fenton School District Bond Measure $13,466 [20]

New Jersey

See also: Local ballot measures, New Jersey
County Measure Cost of election
Bergen County Anthony Suarez recall $16,000[21]


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This table represents the budgeted amount each county listed for elections for 2011 (or 2010 if noted). Not all the counties provided their budget on their websites, this table shows only those which were available.

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