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Map of Kentucky's counties

This is a list of the one hundred and twenty counties in the U.S. state of Kentucky. Despite ranking 37th in size by area, Kentucky has 120 counties, third in the U.S. behind Texas's 254 and Georgia's 159.[1] The original motivation for having so many counties was to ensure that residents in the days of poor roads and horseback travel could make a round trip from their home to the county seat and back in a single day, as well as being able to travel from one county seat to the next in the same fashion.[2] Later, however, politics began to play a part, with citizens who disagreed with the present county government simply petitioning the state to create a new county. The 1891 Kentucky Constitution placed stricter limits on county creation, effectively ending the practice.

County website evaluations

Main article: Evaluation of Kentucky county websites
  • Only 13 of the 120 counties post their county budgets online, and an additional 3 have some budget information posted.
  • 34 counties include information on their websites about public government meetings, with 22 providing partial information.
  • 91 include information about the county's elected officials, and and additional 29 have partial information.
  • 107 include information about the county's administrative officials, with an additional 8 providing partial information.
  • 22 counties give information about permits and zoning in the county, with an additional 15 providing partial information.
  • 9 of the counties put information on their websites about audits that the county government has had performed, with an additional 1 providing partial information.
  • 5 counties gives information about its contracts with county vendors, with an additional 14 providing partial information.
  • 0 county websites disclose whether or not they belong to any government sector lobbying associations, with 1 providing partial information.
  • 73 counties provide information on how to request public records using the Kentucky Open Records Act.
  • 33 county websites provide some information about county taxes, with an additional 6 providing partial information.

Counties without websites

As of mid-December 2011, 9 of Kentucky's 120 counties had no website.

Comparison chart of counties

Below is a listing of the counties

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