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There are 10 counties in New Hampshire.[1]

Types of local government

Local government in New Hampshire consists of:

  • Counties: There are 10 counties in New Hampshire. Although counties may adopt charters under state statutes Chapter 28-A, none have yet done so.
  • Municipalities: There are 234 municipalities in New Hampshire. 13 have charters. Although some municipalities are called "cities" and others are called "towns," their legal authority does not differ.[2]
  • In addition, there are 132 special districts and 166 independent school districts.[3]

Initiative process availability

See also: Laws governing local ballot measures in New Hampshire

All 13 charter cities have mandated initiative and referendum for charter amendments. Charters may also adopt initiative and referendum provisions for ordinances. All 221 towns have mandated initiative and referendum for ordinances through their town meeting form of government.[4]

Evaluation of county websites

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County County seat
Belknap County, New Hampshire Laconia, New Hampshire
Carroll County, New Hampshire Ossipee, New Hampshire
Cheshire County, New Hampshire Keene, New Hampshire
Coos County, New Hampshire Lancaster, New Hampshire
Grafton County, New Hampshire North Haverhill, New Hampshire
Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Manchester, New Hampshire and Nashua, New Hampshire
Merrimack County, New Hampshire Concord, New Hampshire
Rockingham County, New Hampshire Brentwood, New Hampshire
Strafford County, New Hampshire Dover, New Hampshire
Sullivan County, New Hampshire Newport, New Hampshire


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