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Counties in New Hampshire

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This is a list of counties in New Hampshire. There are currently 10 counties in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. Five of the counties were created in 1769, when New Hampshire was still an English colony and not a state, during the first subdivision of the state into counties. The last counties created were Belknap County and Carroll County, in 1840.

Counties do not serve the same function in New Hampshire as they do in much of the United States (Sunshine Review). In the state the counties are largely responsible for the following:

  • District Court staffing(s) for security
  • Registry of Deeds
  • County Nursing homes
  • County Jail(s)
  • Funding for some social servies
  • Sheriffs and deputies, when they chose not to outsource them to the state police

Comparison chart of counties

List of Counties

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