Curry County Sales Tax Ordinance Question (September 2013)

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A Curry County Sales Tax Ordinance Question ballot question was not on the September 17, 2013, election ballot in Curry County, which is in Oregon. Instead, a proposed property tax increase was placed on the November 5, 2013 election ballot. It was not passed.

If approved, this measure would have authorized a 3% sales tax potentially for eight years in order to fund public safety. The tax had several exemptions and explicitly denies the Commission the power to increase the tax rate or remove exemptions without voter approval. For details see the link to the full text of the ordinance below. The tax was estimated to increase county revenue by $5.73 million in its first full year.

A police and fire property tax levy was rejected by voters in the May 21, 2013 election.[1][2]

Text of measure

The ballot measure asks voters to approve or reject an ordinance approving a 3% sales tax. The full text of the ordinance is available here.

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