Dan Porter, Donna Foster, Matt Keefauver, Robert Rime and Betty Swank recall, Cortez, Colorado (2011)

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A vote about whether to recall Dan Porter, Donna Foster, Matt Keefauver, Robert Rime and Betty Swank from their positions as officials of the City of Cortez in Montezuma County, Colorado took place on May 3, 2011. All five officials were retained in their seats.


The Cortez City Council has 7 members. Dan Porter is the current mayor of Cortez and Matt Keefauver is the Mayor Pro-Tem. Foster, Rime and Swank are three of the five regular city councilors. Bob Archibeque and Tom Butler are the only two of the seven city officials who were not targeted in the recall.

Signatures were submitted to election officials on January 12, 2011. When sufficient signatures were verified, a recall election was scheduled.[1]

Jodie Henley was a spokesperson for the recall committee that led the charge. According to Henley, "The recall was launched by three citizens on the sidewalk outside City Hall following the Aug. 24 city council meeting...When I became aware that they were using our tax dollars to develop a subdivision for private citizens and began looking into other issues, I was appalled at the misuse of our tax dollars. That is what sparked the recall."[2]

Election results

1,611 voters, or 28.4 percent of the electorate, voted in the recall election on May 3. Approximately 82% of voters voted to retain the incumbent officials.[3] Justin Dodson, running against Mayor Dan Porter, was the only replacement candidate in the field. Dodson said he was not a proponent of the recall, but he wanted to replace Porter, who is a school principal, so the current mayor could focus on education.[3]

  • Votes to retain Mayor Dan Porter 1,322
  • Votes to recall Mayor Dan Porter: 277 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Councilor Donna Foster: 1,330
  • Votes to recall Councilor Donna Foster: 275 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Councilor Matt Keefauver: 1,323
  • Votes to recall Councilor Matt Keefauver: 283 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Councilor Robert Rime: 1,311
  • Votes to recall Councilor Robert Rime: 290 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Councilor Betty Swank: 1,310
  • Votes to recall Councilor Betty Swank: 291 Defeatedd
  • Votes for Justin Dodson to replace Mayor Dan Porter: 187 Defeatedd

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