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Dan Roberti
Dan Roberti Headshot - Website.jpg
Candidate for
U.S. House, Connecticut, District 5
High schoolFairfield Prep (2000)
Bachelor'sLoyola University (2004)
Master'sLoyola University, Religious Studies (2007)
Place of birthBridgeport, Connecticut
ProfessionAccount Supervisor, DKC
Campaign website
Dan Roberti campaign logo

Dan Roberti was a 2012 Democratic candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 5th Congressional District of Connecticut. Roberti was defeated by Elizabeth Esty in the Democratic primary on August 14, 2012.[1]


Roberti was born and raised in Connecticut. Roberti's parents divorced early in his life, and he grew up with his mother.

Prior to his first year of law school, Roberti's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. He returned to Connecticut to help with her care. While caring for his mother, Roberti continued his work with DKC.[2]


  • 2007: Loyola New Orleans, Master of Pastoral Studies
  • 2004: Loyola New Orleans,Political Science
  • 2000: Fairfield Prep


While working at House of Charity Homeless Shelter, in Spokane Washington, Roberti was exposed to the operations of government assistance programs. Roberti managed the day-to-day operations of the shelter's social services program for a year.[2] After his work at House of Charity, Roberti moved to New Orleans to earn his master's in religious studies. He was forced to relocate to Washington DC after Hurricane Katrina. There, he worked with James Carville to bring attention to problems that surfaced after the hurricane. Roberti returned to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort and complete his degree.


Campaign themes


On his campaign website Roberti listed 9 leading issues that he is concerned about. They are:[4]

  • Jobs: Excerpt: "Dan's first priority is jobs, and he has new approaches to creating jobs in America and right here in Connecticut. We have countless shovel ready projects - from updating and expanding our rail lines to modernizing our schools - to put people back to work. These improvements do not only create immediate jobs, they foster an environment for growth, which creates long-term jobs in the future. Dan also understands that the bulk of new jobs in our economy come from small and start-up businesses. Dan believes we must restructure our tax code to provide incentives for innovation and investment in new technologies that will create jobs...Dan proposes eliminating the payroll tax on new hires to encourage companies to employ more workers. Dan also wants to expand job training to help unemployed workers find new careers and give small businesses incentives to invest and expand."
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Exerpt:"Roberti knows that to realistically address our deficit, the government will need to reign in spending and streamline expenditures. In order to move toward a balanced budget, Dan supports Pay-As-You-Go legislation. This legislation states that any government spending must be balanced with new revenues or savings elsewhere. We also need to raise revenues by closing tax loopholes, so that billionaires, corporations, and special interests pay their fare share to lower our deficit and get America back on track."
  • Healthcare: Excerpt: "Dan knows health care reform is a major step forward by eliminating discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, allowing young adults to stay on their parent's plans till age 26, and extending affordable coverage to millions of Americans. These are major reforms but the health care bill is not perfect, and there is still work to be done. It is important to Dan that we not only protect the progress that has already been made, but continue to lower costs and improve our health care system."
  • Education: Exerpt: "A child's preparedness for high school and college start with early childhood education. One of the major ways we can lower Connecticut's achievement gap, is through effective and affordable Pre-K education programs. Dan believes that every child deserves to have access to early childhood education options, no matter what their parent's income or where they live...One of the biggest tragedies in our country is the percentage of young adults who have been accepted to a college or university, want to attend, but can't afford it. Dan supports the government's efforts thus far to make college affordable for everyone, but we're not there yet. The government still needs to control interest rates on student loans, increase the number of Pell grants that are available, and expand work-study programs so that college can be financially accessible to anyone."
  • Veterans: Excerpt: "When soldiers finally return home, the last thing that should keep them from pursuing a degree, or any other form of higher education, should be cost. Dan is pleased that the GI bill helps with the cost of tuition for colleges, but is upset that some parts of it have already been cut - and there may be even more in the future. Dan wants to protect what is currently in the GI bill, as well as expand benefits for soldiers...Dan believes that it is the right of every soldier to have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Dan understands that psychological health is just as important as physical health. Dan is a strong supporter of the expanded VA benefits that allow for every soldier to be eligible for treatment, when diagnosed with PTSD."
  • Seniors: Excerpt: "To streamline Medicare, while preserving the quality of its services, Dan proposes a new law that requires any Medicare savings to come from better efficiency and new technologies, rather than cuts to Medicare coverage or services. Dan will take on drug corporations to lower prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to use its purchasing power to negotiate cheaper prices. Such improvements will yield savings while keeping Medicare intact."
  • Civil Rights:
  • Don't Ask Don't Tell: Excerpt: "Dan supported the repeal of DADT. Men and women who are willing to give their lives for us should never be forced to feel shame while they serve because of their sexual orientation."
  • Marriage Equality: Exerpt: "Dan supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. No matter what your sexual orientation, in America, all people are entitled to the same rights and freedoms. Connecticut upholds marriage equality, and Dan will fight to protect this constitutional right if elected to Congress."
  • Immigration: Excerpt: "We need to reform our system so that legal immigrants and those who eventually become citizens are not subject to the hostile environment the federal government's immigration laws have created."
  • Women's Rights: Excerpt: "Even with the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, women are not guaranteed equal pay for equal work. Dan also believes that women should have complete ownership of their body, and that the government has no right to intervene in personal health issues. It's important to not only protect women's reproductive rights, but to educate women as a way of preventative care. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood have been crucial for informing women and protecting their health. Dan will make sure that Planned Parenthood and similar organizations are not prosecuted for their work, but supported for what they do."
  • Energy:"Dan wants to get rid of subsidies for oil companies, who's prices have not been controlled by government assistance nor have they been incentivized to pursue alternative forms of energy."
  • Fuel Cells: Excerpt: "Fuel cell power plants can be twice as efficient as conventional fossil fuel plants and the 5th District already has plants in towns like Danbury, Torrington, and New Britain. The 5th District has the foundation, and Dan wants to provide the resources to make it an energy leader for Connecticut and America."
  • Expanding Our Alternative Energy Scope: "Geothermal, wind and solar energies are highly efficient and clean alternatives to fossil fuels. Their benefits have been recognized by the EPA and DOE, but they need more support on the national and local level. Dan would like the federal government to focus on geothermal, wind and solar energies, to better utilize these incredible and cost-effective resources."
  • Clean Energy Incentives:"Pioneering new ways that we produce and use energy will not only protect our environment, but create American jobs and fortify our economy."
  • Environment: Excerpt: "Dan will be a strong voice for protecting our natural resources from pollution and abuse. Whether it's defending protected lands, limiting pollution, or positioning America to be a 21st century energy leader, Dan will fight to preserve our planet and it's resources."



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Roberti ran in the 2012 election for the U.S. House to represent Connecticut's 5th District. Roberti was defeated by Elizabeth Esty in the Democratic primary on August 14, 2012.[1][5] The signature filing deadline was June 12, 2012, with the primary taking place on August 14, 2012.

Connecticut's 5th Congressional District Democratic Primary, 2012
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngElizabeth Esty 44.5% 12,679
Chris Donovan 32.4% 9,215
Dan Roberti 23.1% 6,584
Total Votes 28,478


Roberti currently lives in Kent, Connecticut, where he is an active member of his Democratic Town Committee.[2]

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