Davis delays her announcement in Texas

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August 31, 2013

By Kristen Mathews


Wendy Davis, a Democratic member of the Texas State Senate, has been contemplating a run for a different seat in 2014. While many rumors have spread that Davis is a potential candidate for many offices including Lieutenant Governor of Texas and Congress, Davis has said she will only run for re-election of her state senate seat or become a candidate in the gubernatorial election.[1][2][3]

Davis originally planned to announce her decision by Labor Day of 2013, but is delaying her decision while her father heals after surgery. She is looking forward to her father being able to be with her and the rest of the Davis family when she makes her announcement. She has not set another timeline.[4]

Davis became well known across the state, as well as the country, when she led a filibuster of a controversial abortion bill in the Senate on June 26, 2013. Her filibuster lasted almost eleven hours and combined with other stalling tactics by fellow Democrats, she was able to keep the bill from passing that day. After a special session was called by Governor Rick Perry, the bill eventually passed.[5][6]

Davis recently was the subject of praise from U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. On August 26, 2013, Pelosi said that Davis was brilliant and courageous, and that she did not forsee her having any trouble raising the necessary funding to be a contender in the 2014 election. While some expected Pelosi to encourage Davis to run, Pelosi said “I think she knows how much we all respect her, but it’s not really about what anybody outside the state thinks. It’s about what she thinks is possible here.”[7]

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