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Dead people voting

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Dead people voting is a type of election fraud that occurs when a deceased person remains on the voter registration rolls and a person fraudulently casts a ballot in their name.

Sometimes it is possible to determine the names of deceased people still appearing on voter registration lists.


Connecticut, 2008

Election officials in Connecticut removed names from the state's voter rolls after journalism students found that thousands of dead people were still registered to vote. After conducting their own investigation, students at the University of Connecticut said this spring that about 8,5000 dead people remained registered to vote. The Connecticut Secretary of State worked with local registrars to remove more than 5,200 of those names from the rolls. The deaths of about 1,300 people on the students' list could not be confirmed, though they were moved to the "inactive" list. But 45 of the "dead" voters were actually alive. That highlights the balancing act undertaken by state officials, who recognize the potential for fraud when dead people remain registered to vote, but must also ensure that eligible citizens are able to exercise their right to vote.[1]

Florida, 2008

A study conducted by the Florida Sun Sentinel in late October 2008 found:

  • More than 65,000 ineligible and duplicate voters on Florida's registration rolls.
  • 600 dead people on the list.[2]

Tennessee, 2006

  • In 2006, the Tennessee State Senate voted to nullify the election of Ophelia Ford after an investigation revealed that three poll workers had faked votes in her behalf, including at least two votes cast in the name of dead people.

National statistics

Year Total U.S. Registered Voters Total U.S. Deceased Registered Voters

Deceased voter statistics by state


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