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The Delaware Secretary of State is the head of the Department of State of the U.S. state of Delaware.

Some of the most important responsibilities of the Secretary of State involve registry of businesses and corporations, monitoring banks, and other commercial activities. However, unlike many other U.S. Secretaries of State, the Delaware Secretary of State is not in charge of administering elections in Delaware. The Delaware Department of Elections is a separate agency from the Department of State.

The current Secretary of State is Harriet Smith Windsor.


There are no specific qualifications for this office.

Term of office

The Secretary of State is appointed by the Governor of Delaware and approved by vote of the Delaware State Senate and serves at the pleasure of the governor. [1] (Delaware Constitution, Article III § 10)

Contact Information

Capitol Address:

Delaware Secretary of State
401 Federal St., Suite 3
Dover, DE 19901

Phone: (302) 739-4111
Fax: (302) 739-3811

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