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The Department of Healthcare and Family Services is an agency in Illinois.

The purpose of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services is to improve the lives of Illinoisans by providing healthcare coverage and support.[1]


The budget for fiscal year 2011 is $18,500,694,400.[2] The budget for fiscal year 2010 was $18,473.4 million. A break-down of allocations within the department is as follows:[3]

Total By Program (in millions)
Program Appropriations
Medical Assistance $15,517.1
State Administered Health Insurance $2,939.9
Child Support Enforcement $236.3
Program Operations $106.9
Public Aid Recoveries $40.5
Office of Inspector General $19.3
Total $402,497.6


The Illinois Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Medical Benefits program is the State's Medicaid program and offers healthcare coverage to qualifying individuals, including those age 65 or older, the blind or permanently disabled, and those with income and assets below the program's limits.[4]


The director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services is Julie Hamos. She was appointed in April 2010.[5][6] As of November 15, 2010, the Department has 2,285 full-time employees.[2]


The state of Illinois website offers information regarding the Freedom of Information Act.[7]

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