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Dexter Cityhood Petition (2009)

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The Dexter City Petition is a village petition that was submitted to the state Boundary Commission by the citizens of Dexter Michigan]] calling for the village to become a city. Supporters say they've gotten 140 signatures since the end of April 2009, exceeding the 117 needed.[1]

The petition began in January 2009 when the Village Council voted 5-2 to direct village staff to coordinate volunteers to circulate the petition.[2]


The Village of Dexter's website posted a questionnaire on their website detailing the affects a cityhood would have on the area and the residents. Questions ranged from low income housing to boundary issues:

"Will cityhood mean having to develop more low income housing?"
"No statutory requirement exists that would require additional low income housing if the Village becomes a city. Decisions regarding any new housing developments go through the Planning Commission and Council of both a Village and a City."[3]


As of June 4, 2009, residents have submitted the petition to the state Boundary Commission for review. Once the petition is approved by the Boundary Commission, within 45 days any citizen can obtain signatures on a petition to call for a referendum.[4]

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