District of Columbia Office of Policy Analysis

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The District of Columbia Office of Policy Analysis is a non-partisan legislative service agency dedicated to serving members of the Washington, D.C. City Council.

Mission statement

The established mission of OPA is to provide comprehensive, nonpartisan, and objective research and analysis on defined legislative/policy issues to members of the Council, as requested[1].


The Office of Policy Analysis is governed by a twelve person Advisory Council. Members are appointed by the Director of the Office of Policy Analysis via a recommendation to the Chairman of the council who approves the appointment. Members that are appointed come from people who work in political organizations dealing with policy analysis. All members serve two-year terms and can be re-appointed[2].

Services offered

Committee staff

The Office of Policy Analysis serves as a liaison for standing committees in the Washington, D.C. City Council[3].

Research services

The Office of Policy Analysis conducts all legislative research requests including both fiscal and general research requests. The staff is not limited in how they can deliver research requests to legislators like other states focus their agencies on certain disciplines[4].

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