Doherty and Cicilline trade jabs in Rhode Island's 1st district

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October 15, 2012

Rhode Island

By: George Sousouris

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: Incumbent David N. Cicilline (D) and challenger Brendan Doherty (R) have been engaged in a tight race that has been taken a level higher lately, as Doherty seeks to undermine Cicilline's record as a Mayor and state representative.[1]

Doherty's ad released in late September attacked Cicilline's financial stewardship while mayor of Providence, citing the city's $110 million deficit in 2010, the last year he was mayor. Analysts who have followed the state closely note that Rhode Island's heavily Democratic tilt usually means that Republicans must undermine the integrity of their opponent or expose them as corrupt to have a chance at getting elected.[1]

The Republican has also hit on his opponent in a press release that argued Cicilline was "the state representative who opposed tough mandatory sentences for those convicted of domestic violence and child abuse." A check done by and the Providence Journal showed that this claim was sufficiently backed up by the facts, as Cicilline did vote against a bill that imposed harsher sentences on those twice convicted of domestic violence, as well as a 1996 bill that did the same for convicted child abusers.[2]

Cicilline has countered by tying Doherty to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and attacked his stated desire to replace Obamacare with a better alternative.[1]

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