Dora Salinas-McTigue and Jimmy Sandoval, Tucumcari, New Mexico (2014)

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An effort to recall City Commissioners Dora Salinas-McTigue and Jimmy Sandoval, Tucumcari, New Mexico, from their position was launched in 2013. The election is scheduled for January 2, 2014.[1]

The effort was initiated by a group called "A Better Unity for Tucumcari."

The election is estimated to cost $6,000.[2]

Reasons for recall

"A Better Unity for Tucumari" point to the commission's decision by a 3-2 vote to dismiss Doug Powers as city manager on September 26, 2013. The commission voted to reinstate Powers on October 10.[3] Also, the group lists Salinas-McTigue and Sandoval's opposition to granting Lodger's Tax funding for 2014's "Rockabilly on the Route" event.[4]

Responses to recall

Salinas-McTigue's response

"I don’t get bent out of shape about a recall. I’m doing too much that’s good and positive to be worried about a recall. I’m interested in doing good for the whole community, as well as my district. If I’m recalled, I’m recalled. I would just hope that anyone who replaces me could do as good a job as I have," said Salinas-McTigue.[2]

Sandoval's response

"I want to see all of the people who signed the petition against me at the next commission meeting. I want them to ask me questions face-to-face. I want them to see that I’m not just sitting around," said Sandoval.[2]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in New Mexico

In order to initiate a recall election supporters were required to collect a minimum of 32 signatures in District 1 and 24 in District 2. According to state law, recalls in commission-manager municipalities require signatures from at least 20 percent of the average number of votes cast in the previous four regular municipal elections, or more than 20 percent of the number of voters who voted at the previous municipal election, whichever is higher.[4]

For Salinas-McTigue, a total of 50 signatures were submitted. Of those, 41 were valid. For Sandoval, 34 were filed. Of those, 31 were valid.[2]

Other Tucumari recall efforts

Other Tucumari commissioners subject to recall efforts include: District 4 Commissioner Robert Lumpkin and District 5 Commissioner and Mayor Amiel Curnutt. Sufficient signatures were submitted to initiate a recall election for District 3 Commissioner Ernie Dominguez, however, the election will not take place on January 2, 2014.[1] In mid-November 2013, the city attorney noted that all three commissioners are up for re-election in March 2014. A recall election, the attorney noted, cannot take place before March thus making the recall efforts a "moot issue."[5]

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