Early voting deadline for Arizona sales tax question looms

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May 7, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona: Those in Arizona who are hoping to cast their early ballots in person for the much talked about sales tax increase have until next Friday to chime in. Another deadline is on the horizon, as voters have until 5:00 p.m. today to request early voting ballots from county recorders.[1]

The measure has been under the limelight this year, as the state's economy has had lawmakers scrambling for solutions to generate money and make up for a budget shortfall of about $3.4 billion. The sales tax increase, if passed by voters on the May 18, 2010 special election, would hike the state's sales tax from 5.6 cents to 6.6 cents on every dollar of taxable items purchased. The sales tax increase would be a three-year temporary increase. Brewer also included the proposed ballot in her Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal.[2][3][4]

Arguments for and against the proposed tax increase have been seen all over state newspapers, in the form of rallies and in debates held all over the state. Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer has been the main proponent of the measure, as Brewer also included the ballot measure in her Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal.[5]

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