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Nebraska State Senate
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The Education Committee is a standing committee of the Nebraska Senate.


The Education Committee is responsible for processing legislation involving the following subject areas:

  • school districts; organization; reorganization; tuition; powers; offices; transportation
  • schools; programs; compulsory education; special education; handicapped; gifted; drivers’ education
  • teachers; employees; Professional Negotiations Act
  • post-secondary education; State colleges and universities; vocational schools; community colleges;
  • governing boards
  • state aid; school funds; lands
  • State Board of Education; Department of Education
  • ETV; public radio; private and parochial schools; educational service units



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Education Members, 2013
Democratic members (0)Republican members (0)Third-party members (8)
Kate Sullivan, Chair
Jim Scheer, Vice Chair
Bill Avery
Tanya Cook
Al Davis
Ken Haar
Rick Kolowski
Les Seiler


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