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Eighteen of twenty-six Michigan measures get approved

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February 23, 2011

LANSING, Michigan: Of the 26 issues voted on during the local election held on February 22, 18 of those were approved by voters. Of those, 16 were related to school issues, either a bond or levy proposal and out of those 16, 11 were approved. A notable defeat was that in the Saline school district where a bond was asked for a second time but again was turned down by voters in the district. In Schoolcraft County, two measures were on the county wide ballot dealing with a bond for a new jail and a levy to operate the new jail, both were defeated. The county noted that if these were approved something would still have to be done about the jail as it would need to be shut down otherwise due to not being up to national standards. May 3 marks the next election for residents in Michigan.

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