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| Profile picture = Eli Broad.PNG
| Profile picture = Eli Broad.PNG
| Net worth = $5.8 billion
| Net worth = $5.8 billion
| Profession =  
| Profession = Founder, KB Home and SunAmerica, Inc.
| Personal website =  
| Personal website =  
| High school =  
| High school = Detroit Public Schools
| Bachelor's =  
| Bachelor's = Michigan State University
| Master's =  
| Master's =  
| Other =  
| Other =  

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Eli Broad
Eli Broad.PNG
ProfessionFounder, KB Home and SunAmerica, Inc.
Net Worth$5.8 billion
High SchoolDetroit Public Schools
Bachelor'sMichigan State University
Eli Broad is a donor to California ballot proposition campaigns, as well as political campaigns in other states. Broad, a billionaire, is based in Los Angeles. Broad is ranked by Forbes as having a net worth in 2011 of $5.8 billion, making him the 173rd wealthiest person in the world.[1]

According to Broad, "People don’t know I’ve got a deep social conscience." In describing his attitude toward philanthropy he says, "Whatever we do has to pass three tests. One, will it make a difference 30 years from now? Two, if we don’t do it, will it happen anyway? Three, are there people who can really make it happen?"[2]

Ballot measures

"Think Long"

Broad is a member of the Think Long Committee for California. This group announced in November 2011 that it planned to submit an initiative proposal for the state's November 2012 ballot to raise taxes in the state by $10 billion.[3]


Ballot measure Donated Position Outcome
California Proposition 28, Change in Term Limits (June 2012) $50,000 Approveda Approveda
California Proposition 20, Congressional Redistricting (2010) $100,000 Approveda Approveda
California Proposition 27, Elimination of Citizen Redistricting Commission (2010) $100,000 Defeatedd Defeatedd
California Proposition 14, Top Two Primaries Act (June 2010) $100,000 Approveda Approveda
California Proposition 11, California Citizens Redistricting Commission (2008) $150,000 Approveda Approveda
Washington Charter School Authorization, Referendum 55 (2004) $200,000 Approveda Defeatedd

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